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Personal Friends of Mine

Perfect for sporting use, I am trying a new approach in showing pictures on my web page. I think you may agree this will come in handy for adding that individual touch to someones personal endevors such as hunting trips, sports they are involved in and family connections:

  • Special Hunting Trips.
  • Romantic Nights on the town to remember, yes this can even include that special gun dept store.
  • That nice get away...yes gus this includes tree stands.
  • That special broken down car.....under the house, in the front yard. It don't matter none neither.
  • Cousins...oh don't ya just love em.
  • Left overs? Last years Bar-B-Que.
  • Wall mounts...don't mean ex-wives neither, nor ex-hubs neither.
  • Wanted Posters...(Yours will work just fine).
  • Heres Your Sign.
  • That Special 4x4...running or not.
  • That Special Mobile Home..."It should just be called plain ol offordable housing".
  • Your favorite Political Dart board...Hey now there's a goodun.
  • The 10 rules for dating your youngins...especially the daughters, pay attention guy's.

My Daughter Amber
She's a real Dream

My Son TJ
His First Football Season

1997 Hunting Season
Bagged A Coyote West of Kalispell

Protection at its finest