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Photos and Differant Ways to do it.

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Most of this page is experimental in process, to see what works and what don't. Have you got an idea?....Let's hear about it!

Ricks Bou

Jons Cow Elk

Ron's Buck

Cow Elk

Bersa - LLama
hat  Family, Hunting and Pictures  
My Intrest Friends My Church

Rick in Canada

Jon's Elk

Jon's Buck

Gun Specs

Llama Maxi 45 duo

1911 45 ACP
Family Friends Church

Personal Friends of Mine

Perfect for sporting use, I am trying a new approach in showing pictures on my web page. I think you may agree this will come in handy for adding that individual touch to someones personal endevors such as hunting trips, sports they are involved in and family connections:

  • Special Hunting Trips.
  • Romantic Nights on the town to remember, yes this can even include that special gun dept store.
  • That nice get away...yes gus this includes tree stands.
  • That special broken down car.....under the house, in the front yard. It don't matter none neither.
  • Cousins...oh don't ya just love em.
  • Left overs? Last years Bar-B-Que.
  • Wall mounts...don't mean ex-wives neither, nor ex-hubs neither.
  • Wanted Posters...(Yours will work just fine).
  • Heres Your Sign.
  • That Special 4x4...running or not.
  • That Special Mobile Home..."It should just be called plain ol offordable housing".
  • Your favorite Political Dart board...Hey now there's a goodun.
  • The 10 rules for dating your youngins...especially the daughters, pay attention guy's.

My Daughter Amber
She's a real Dream

My Son TJ
His First Football Season

1997 Hunting Season
Bagged A Coyote West of Kalispell

Buck taken in 1995
West of Kalispell

Personal Friends