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  Welcome My Picture Trophy Room

This is Lilbit, we have ridden many miles together and we love the Bob Marshall Wilderness.

This is Rick up north of the boarder, he had a good time up there, eaY.

This is Ricks moose, also taken north of the border, seems he could resist this one.

Rick took this nice Antelope taken in the 700 area of Montana.

Bill likes to fool around here, heard of sleeping elk before?

Jon's elk from the 98 season taken in Southwestern Montana somewhere.

My son TJ holding the Bass that won him the Biggest Fish of 98 Season Award

This is my good friend from Wisconsin "WLP" with one of many fine corn fed deer that he gets every year.

Ron took a nice Buck here with his muzzleloader. Good work Ron.

This is a nice bear that I was in on, it measured almost 6' from his nose to the tip of his tail, and he weighed around 250 lbs.

Here is Bill's beautiful Red Deer a job well done on a clean harvest.

Here is Bill with his Red Deer, good job.

That was a 6.5X55 SWEDE. W/ A Manliquer stock and the deer was killed in the Crazy Mountains of Montana about 10,163 elev. The deer had on one side a normal horn on the other it was like a moose" flat "..

Here is Steve with a world class trophy taken here in Montana.

Even dangerous Dino's are hunted with great success.

My Long Range Express is a .50 cal muzzleloader, this will be used on some my hunts.

This was a two headed capture. Actually these two had it out unto the death of one, as he was found dragging the other around.

Here is Rick on his Colorado hunt this 2000 season took a nice bull elk.